Warning About Internet Certificate Sales

"The Balloon Ride Operators Division of the Balloon Federation of America wants to make you aware and advise anyone that is considering buying a balloon ride or balloon ride gift certificate or voucher to take the time to investigate the supplier of the voucher or gift certificate. There are a few internet based sellers of these products that have NOTHING to do with Balloon Ride operations! Nor do they intend to.

The point is when considering the purchase, talk to the operator on the phone, check them out specifically on the web for pictures, experience, specifics of the flight that you are considering that will be doing the balloon ride for you in that specific market.

The Balloon Ride Operators of the Balloon Federation of America wants you to come enjoy and purchase a balloon ride, but wants you to be informed and educated as how to consider the purchase of the certificate and /or vouchers!"

This message was sent out from the Balloon Ride Operators Division of the Balloon Federation of America. There has been an increase in Internet certificate sellers who do not own balloons or equipment and have had numerous complaints of fraudulent activity. Please be aware and if you have any questions please feel free to call.

We are a local company and we own all of our equipment.

Thank You,
Logan Bedford

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